Leonardo Garcia Fischer

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The Author


I like writing codes: C++, Java, Python, PHP, Javascript, Groovy, and all the other languages that I haven’t learned yet. And I love writing good codes, although I know that I never did it before. There’s always something to learn. It’s like Youtube: it is impossible to see all the Youtube videos, but there is always a new one you must see.

I got my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at the Instituto de Informática, UFRGS in 2008, and I am finishing my Masters Degree in Computer Science, specifically in computer graphics and path planning algorithms. My advisor is Luciana Nedel.

Curriculum Vitae

I have two, one for professional reasons, and another one for academic reasons (the Brazilian government requires an academic curriculum in order to pay scholarships).

Where I am?

Here are the common places on the web I use to be. Fell free to contact me on any of these places.

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About this blog?

I started this blog as a way to share and discuss some of the ideas I have while I am coding. You can find some more about this blog under the tag .

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